Showday fill
Important your animal will have a good fill when enter the showring. You can have your animal perfectly clipped but if she is not full, she will not show off perfect. Best is a hay fill. But if she is finished with that,  you can keep her going with other kinds of  "showday"  hay. Every time a hand full to keep her eating. Some baleage will help too. If you want to fill them up with beet pulp, I prefer soaked, preferable 2 hrs before the show, to give them that extra depth. Same thing recommended, small amounts per time, to keep them agressive. If they stop eating a small drink can help them to keep them going. You can mix the beet pulp with a bit of grain or TMR if they are not interested anymore in only beet pulp. Give them the final drink before going into the ring. But be aware you double check your top.. Sometimes with filling the animals the loin can change a bit.

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