Training your heifer for getting her ready for showseason

Training is an essential part for your future show diva's in the ring! Learning them to show is easier when you start with them as young as they are!

First several times you catch them be sure you are calm and not push them in stressfull situations. You can also use the fence for grab them more easy. When you get your animals halter broke, always use a traininghalter. This halter works the same as the leather showhalter for later on. When training with the traininghalter you give the pressure of the halter under the chin. You can let you calf get used on your hand and the movement of your hands saying she has to walk or stop.

Tie your animal up the first few times to let her get used to hold her head up. Tie her up on the same height as showing her at showday. Tie her up on a safe place an keep on checking her while she is tied up. Tie you animal up with a quick release knot, so in worst case you can untie quickly.

First focus is let her walk. If she respond on that you can start thinking about head carriage, smooth stops, position of the legs etc. Don't train for hours and hours, better every day 20 minutes then one time a week for an hour. If you work together as a team, it will be an advantage in showring!


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