The importance of washing

Lots of people do not see the importance of washing your animals before clipping. Clipping after washing has several advantages. First of all you clipping job will be a lot better when your machine is running to clean hair. Less risk on leaving hair on several parts of the body. Also clean hair will be an advantage in the durability of your blades. Wash your animal few times before start to clip.

Important is that when you start to wash you get your animal completely wet. After that you put soap straight on your animal and start to scrub. The brush needs to clean so brush thoroughly through the coat. Don't forget inside legs and head. People think washing is easy but a proper wash is not made by everybody. After brushing well you can rinse out the soap. Be sure you get all the soap out to avoid irritation of the skin.

After washing, clean the ears and brush down the topline for an easier job later on. Also brush down the belly hair of heifers. Brush open the tail and your animal is ready to go back to the barn.


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