Ready to enter the fairgrounds?

Sounds like over-organised but a checklist can help you have less stress on the fairgrounds. If you have everything packed and organised at home, you can use all your time on the fairgrounds for your animals and not trying to solve problems by not have everything in your showbox.

First of all you showbox should have:

  1. Brushes and wash equipment
  2. Clipping material and grooming supplies for show day.
  3. Halters and showhalters and material to tie your animal at the show
  4. Show clothes
  5. Tools for making and getting the pack ready
  6. Extra material like display decoration and fans
  7. Tools for fixing things or making your display (duct tape and zip ties are the main thing :-)
  8. Identification and registration forms + all other paperwork which is necessary for entering the show

Of course this is a rough list which you have to determine to fit your own showstring. Great thing is to get all organised before leaving the farm. When the show is done you clean up all and make a list of what you need for the next show. That way you never run out of products and  material.


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